I found the course very informative, very interesting, and very well taught.  It started ahead of time with some pre-work…downloading some cool software, etc.  That was key, in order to fit the rest of the course into two days in Calgary.  Very in-depth, and a lot to digest, but very well worth it.  And Mark has a great way of teaching…worked very well for me, at least. Highly recommended for anyone using…or thinking of using…UAS’s, for any reason, in Canada.  Cheers! Brett

Mark, I want to thank you for a very positive experience at the ground school. I rather enjoyed myself and was educated as well as entertained for the two days that I was there. Thanks again, Ray

Ground School Course Feedback

The Presenter was:

“clear, animated, interactive with a great sense of humour”

“very good. I like the personal connection to the material” (as an aviator)

“I really liked the flight planning live demo”

” I enjoyed the visuals”

“I liked the videos and hands-on training on flight planning.”

“very straight-forward, lot’s of material distilled down for the students”

“excellent presenter” “very effective”

“no suggestions for improvement! Very good info supplied”

“definitely learned alot”

” I appreciated the ‘role-playing’ and hands-on practice of what we were learning” 

Did the course meet your expectations?

“Above and beyond” C.D.

“Yes, very professional” D.M.

“Exceeded expectations” R.H.

“Yes, the course surpassed my expectations” T.K.

“Yes it did. I was very impressed.” B.W.