Each Canadian RPAS operator requires an operating certificate issued annually from Transport Canada to legally fly their aircraft in Canadian airspace. This certificate is called a Special Flight Operating Certificate  (SFOC). Flying these aircraft for ANY use other than recreational hobby without this certificate is illegal and exposes an individual or business to severe risk and liabilities. The Transport Canada regional office responsible for aviation regulatory oversight for the geographical boundaries where the flying will take place issues this certificate to an individual once the application has been successfully completed. The recently developed Canadian “SFOC exemptions” have proven to be too restrictive and complex to offer the operational flexibility most businesses require. 

When applying for the SFOC, Transport Canada will require the applicant to demonstrate their aviation experience, risk mitigation processes while flying in class C,D, E, G and F airspace, communication strategies used for airspace management and with Air Traffic Control (ATC), company operational control, and much more. 

Each issued SFOC is as unique as the needs of each business. There are different operating processes depending on location, time of day, and in which NavCanada Flight Information Region (FIR) / Transport Canada Region the flights will occur. Each UAV, and it’s payload, requires certain altitudes and operating latitude to best perform it’s designed function. The airspace boundaries and operating privileges required to attain useful flight will require very specific airmanship practices which must be negotiated with Transport Canada prior to certificate approval. 

Locked On Solutions Inc. has completed many of these applications for a variety of clients. These applications often reach 50+ pages in length in order to clearly demonstrate how an unmanned aircraft aviation pursuit will operate safely within the heavily regulated Canadian aviation industry.

The details of your newly acquired SFOC will contain very specific processes for operating in a variety of airspace classes, locations, time of day, etc. Locked On Solutions Inc. also offers a comprehensive ground school specifically designed to teach operators the general aviation knowledge required by Transport Canada as well as the specific flight planning and emergency planning techniques listed in your SFOC. This is a unique holistic service offered by Locked On Solutions Inc. See our GROUND SCHOOL section for more details. 

Locked On Solutions Inc. provides you, the customer, with a customized and comprehensive SFOC application service. Your needs will be well understood before the application process begins. Each client’s needs are unique, so your Locked On Solutions Inc. acquired SFOC will be unique as well. Let us help you by making sure your expectations are met and that your flight privileges give you the flexibility you need to succeed.