Program Development


One of the least understood components of adding a UAS business line to an existing business, or creating an all new aviation pursuit, is the internal corporate structure development required. Though this is normally not a ‘show stopper’ for most established businesses it does require a unique understanding of how reporting lines and operational control is managed in aviation. These realities will have to be well established and communicated in an SFOC application prior to certification. 

Locked On Solutions Inc. has experience in this field having developed RPAS programs for both commercial and government clients, one with over 20 government operators. A complete Program Development service would include education on the rapidly growing unmanned aircraft industry, which of the many available aircraft systems would best suit your needs, SFOC application, ground school training, potential aircraft type training, ongoing aviation oversight and succession planning. 

Starting out with experience on your side will make the whole process, including program development, smooth and manageable. 


A major gap in many company’s RPAS aviation pursuits is the requirement for ongoing program maintenance and management.  The RPAS industry is ever evolving and your next year’s operation will have to look somewhat different than this year’s. As the regulatory environment evolves so will your SFOC, flight planning procedures, maintenance requirements and more. Locked On Solutions Inc. currently provides a ‘Flight Operations Management’ role to corporate and government clients. This gives upper management confidence that their newly integrated aviation component will not put the company at risk for non-compliance and inexperience. This LOS business solution has proven to be very effective and appreciated by serious businesses wanting protection and peace of mind.

For businesses who want the benefit of an integrated RPAS program but do not have the human resources to build, manage, and maintain a working program, Locked On Solutions Inc. can help. We can take all the pressure off by filling the role of your Program Manager. This will ensure all aspects of your RPAS Program have experienced and expert aviation oversight embedded. Locked On Solutions Inc. will become your lias with all aviation authorities, provide continued succession planning, oversee pilot currency and more. Mark has filled this role for corporate and government clients for many years with success.

Contact Locked On Solutions for more information on how we can help with your RPAS program management.