Ground School

A Ground School course and an Industry Canada issued ‘Radio Operators Certificate with Aeronautical Qualifications’ (ROC-A) are requirements for all RPAS pilots in Canada.

Some general aviation knowledge is a must for an RPAS pilot, and there are a variety of ground school options available. Unfortunately, general knowledge alone in any industry does not prepare an individual for compliant and safe operations. This is very true in aviation.

An RPAS aviation professional must possess unique skill sets and apply them consistently to  integrate well with other experienced aviators.  Aviation professionals (who share airspace with UAVs) fully expect all who join them in the industry to be professionals and not pose a risk to them or their livelihood. Without a robust, meaningful, compliant and predictable approach to flight, an unprepared RPAS pilot will not be seen as an aviation professional within the industry. 

Locked On Solutions provides a unique ground school course which has been taught to corporate clients with great success. The course includes the general knowledge as noted in the Transport Canada documentation, the ROC-A license course and certification process PLUS a custom built pre-flight planning process which adheres to all the limits and privileges noted in your custom built SFOC. Your pre-flight process will be unique as it fully depends on the wording of your SFOC. LOS will make this process very easy to understand by use of LOS pre-flight planning forms, checklists, flow charts and more. These tools will stay with you for use during operations giving confidence that you, and/or your operators, are safe, compliant and professional pilots. Mark teaches RPAS pilots to perform at a level at which he, as a manned aircraft pilot with over 20 years experience, is comfortable sharing airspace. 

As well as Ground School each RPAS pilot requires specific training on their particular aircraft. In aviation this is referred to as ‘Type Training’. For information on specific aircraft type training see the ‘Type Training’ area of this site

Locked On Solutions Inc. is committed to providing a comprehensive service to RPAS operators so we can all continue to enjoy our safe skies.