Are you like most entrepreneurs who see the benefit of an integrated RPAS Program but have limited aviation knowledge? You likely have no interest in remotely controlled hobby aircraft or becoming a traditional pilot. What you do know is that there is value in aerial imagery whether it be for the many agricultural applications, surveying, real estate, oil and gas, infrastructure inspection and much more. You have probably also seen that there are hundreds of aircraft suppliers, all saying they will do the best job in a price range from a few hundred dollars to many thousands.

You may have heard the industry is becoming increasingly difficult to understand and navigate as the aviation regulatory environment continues to develop. Where do you start? Locked On Solutions Inc. is available to help. Mark has given many presentations on the RPAS industry and aviation regulations to a wide variety of audiences, including Law Enforcement, corporate businesses, and government groups.

Contact Locked On Solutions Inc. for an opportunity to have Mark speak at your company event, conference, and/or to your corporate decision makers. He will bring clarity to this complex industry and help show your way forward.